Discover the Fabric Edition

Step into a world of cultural richness with Aduwham's Fabric Edition! We invite you to embrace the essence of Africa's treasures, celebrating the vibrant beauty of traditional African fabrics. This collection is a tapestry of colors and patterns, proudly reflecting the diversity and pride of Africa in all its splendor. Each candle in the Fabric Edition is a testament to the unique stories woven into the fabric of African culture, offering a sensory journey that resonates with the heart and soul. Illuminate your space with the warmth of tradition and the allure of African pride.

Our Values

 For the making of our candles, our raw materials are selected with the greatest care. 

Our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, with no paraffin, petroleum or phthalates. They are hand-poured in small batches in London and can burn for about 40 hours. 

The quality of the fragrances ensures an even and clean burn.

We suggest unique smells to suit all tastes: from sweet, fresh and delicate fragrances to full-bodied and spicy ones. This is Africa, where Aduwham will lead you to discover the diversity of their riches from the olfactory perspective.

Designed with a refined and elegant look, our aesthetic containers fit perfectly into any decor. Everything you need to transform your home into a true haven of peace.