Our Story

The journey began in 2021, in London, with the inspiration of creating story telling candles. 

The main idea is to share through fragrances, the story behind different existing and renowned African cultural symbols.

This unique concept is like the combination of a historical journal and different perfume bottles holding pure and natural fragrances taking you to Africa. 

We all love tales in a way or the other, and many are to be discovered.  

We believe that having candles fragrances like this in our homes fill the room with dreaminess. 

The modern world is full of passionate people curious about the different existing traditions and cultures. We are convinced that home is a comfort place to build memories whether the houses are big, small, fancy or modest. They are still shelters and sanctuaries. Sensory experiences are part of our daily but we can make some of them unforgettable.

Why don’t you let yourself be guided by Aduwham for an imaginary escapade while enjoying the comfort of your cozy nest at home?